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Teaching Economics and Financial Literacy Conference

Seventh Annual K-12 Teaching Economics and Financial Literacy Conference

January 23, 2015

Econ Illinois’ signature conference welcomed over 100 K-12 teachers to this year's event on Friday, January 23, 2015. This all –day conference was held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  Designed for the K-12 spectrum, the 2015 Conference highlighted how teaching the art of decision making, teamwork, and critical thinking provides an avenue through which educators address the Common Core State Standards, foster the development of both cognitive and non-cognitive skills, and build the foundation that leads to college, career readiness and civic awareness.

Newly developed breakout sessions at the K-8 level included STEM applications and ways to teach cultural diversity through literature while infusing economics and personal finance. Sessions at the 9-12 level highlighted CEE's newly launched Math and the Real World curriculum site and the new curriculum piece Focus: HS Economics. With all grade level breakout sessions aligned to the Danielson Framework for Teaching, attendees also had the opportunity to explore the Talk With Our Kids About Money program as well as the Finance Learning Exchange.

Registration, meals, participation stipends, and curriculum materials are available at no financial cost to each eligible full time K-12 Illinois teacher. Registration and attendance requirements apply.

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 Presenter at the 7th Annual TEFLC  Award recipient at TEFLC 2015 

TEFLC Attendees

Presenters and guests enjoy an invigorating conference focused on economics and financial literacy in the K-12 classroom!

Teacher feedback includes:

  • This conference is one of the best I’ve ever attended!
  • These programs are desperately needed and very valuable.  The resources and techniques should be incorporated into every school/classroom to help students shift the way they think about money and how to use it and how to treat it.
  • I come to this conference each year because it is my goal to stay current and relevant while teaching my students.  This conference allows me to do just that, while networking with other educators! 
  • The organizers of this conference clearly love what they do.  They're intent about sharing with others to help all of us spread the literacy of finances & economics to our students.  Thank you!
  • A great interactive conference full of resources for educators to reinvigorate our minds and make teaching fresh and relevant! Excellent!

The 2015 Conference and the accompanying materials were made available to teachers through the generous support of 3Mgives, the Council for Economic Education, and Econ Illinois.